UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Filipino jailed for filming roommates

Filipino jailed for filming roommates in UAE for secretly taking video of his roommates.

Filipino jailed for filming / Representational Image

Filipino designer is sentenced for 6 months.

A 37-year-old man, Filipino, identified with his initial J.R., is facing his life in the jail for 6 months.

This J.R is working in UAE as a designer.

Last year, he was caught by his two roommates attempting to film them at their flat in Jebel Ali.

He used to installed hidden cameras at their bathroom to take videos of his roommates while taking a shower, without having their knowledge.

He was found guilty with the charges of molestation and breaching women’s modesty, and soon be deported.

The Filipino confessed that he really did such thing to his roommates. He installed a hidden camera “shaped as a clothes hanger” on the bathroom door on Sept. 28 last year, as he admits in the court during the trial.

His Filipina roommate, 34, together with another roommate claimed that they had found the camera on their bathroom’s door.

According to her, they removed the camera but could not find any memory card in it,  and then took it to police.

The Filipino suspect was then reportedly sent to the police and admitted that he hid the camera in the bedroom while his roommate was taking a shower.

He also confess to the authority that the reason he took a video of his roommates was that he wanted to please himself while watching his roommates while taking a shower.

The Filipino designer, may be appealed within 15 days.

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