Indian Nationals jailed for molestation in Singapore

Indian Nationals jailed for molestation in Singapore

Two Indian National, pleaded guilty for molesting in two separate cases in Singapore. The court impose a sentence to the two Indian national for molesting woman in different cases, Monday.
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Four months on charges of molesting a homemaker was given to  Veerasamy Marimuthu, 53 years old, married with no children,once working as  associate social worker in Singapore.

Just this year, Veerasamy Marimuthu was found guilty upon molesting a 39-year-old woman,  married with two children  and one of the beneficiary of some program in the country.

According to the  District Judge Salina Ishak,  “The accused is a social worker who is supposed to give aid to the victim, and not to inflict fear and harm”.

Veerasamy Marimuthu’s primary job was to help  Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre,  assess every family who moved from the public housing  at see to it that they are in good condition.

Versamy used his work as an alibi to get in the house of the victim. January 5, he visited the house of the  victim and used criminal force to touch her, next day he visited again and this time he tried to molest the her.

In this case, Veerasamy could have been jailed for up to two years and fined.

Another case of molestation charged to  former gardener Gulcharan Singh, 51-year-old Indain National. He was sentenced for five months in prison for  sexually assaulting  a 20-year-old student last year.

Singh admitted that he was very drunk, the time when he molested the student. Suspect keeps stalking before incident happened. Report says, that he could have been jailed for up to two years and fined.

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