International Cat Day 2015 #Caturday Celebration

International Cat Day 2015 #Caturday Celebration

A cat awareness celebration International Cat Day-an International event happens on #Caturday August 8, 2015 observed annually and mainly online especially the world of Social Media.

  • An #InternationalCatDay International Cat Day was founded in 2002, by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

It was created to promote Animal welfare especially to the feline group, includes appreciation, adoption and awareness. The Cat holiday is supported by American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) based in New York City, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty towards animals, which also works to encourage pet adoption.

A day for cat lovers to celebrate with their furry paws promoting animal health, safety and animal abuse or animal neglect, is the human infliction of suffering.

ASPCA organization which directly involves with companion animal issues, such as pet care, equine or horse cruelty issues, and animal cruelty and neglect founded an animal hospitals In 1912.

ASPCA found a new tactic in improving its cause: the ability to develop various medical procedures and innovations with help from new discoveries in medicine and technology.

Cases involving torture, killings and mistreatment of animals are some examples of cases handled by the ASPCA.

International Cat Day
International Cat Day

Here’s the Cat #Catlendar Holidays and Celebration.

  1. World Cat Day is celebrated February 17
  2. International Cat Day, August 8
  3. National Cat Day, October 29

The annual celebration directly promotes the well being and animal welfare not only to the feline group- animal welfare position holds that there is nothing inherently wrong with using animals for human purposes, such as food, clothing, entertainment, and research, but that it should be done in a way that minimizes unnecessary pain and suffering, sometimes called “humane” treatment. (We would like to acknowledge cuteness and extend IMAGE credits to the little fella Bub LilBub.Com.)

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