Super Typhoon Soudelor Death Toll

Super Typhoon Soudelor Death Toll

Super typhoon Soudelor death toll-The storm has already claimed at least two casualties and one missing in a coastal area off the coast of Taiwan’s northeastern Yilan county, according to report.

An eight-year-old girl and her mother died after being swept out to sea off Taiwan as Super Typhoon Soudelor made its landfall on the island, forcing thousands to flee, according to local officials.

“The missing girl’s twin sister and mother died after the three of them and another girl who survived were swept away by strong waves at Suao Township’s Neipi beach.”
Authorities had already warned the locals especially living along coastal areas in Eastern Taiwan.

The first report of casualties related to super Typhoon Soudelor with the eye of the storm on course to run directly into the nation and make landfall in eastern Taiwan early today, report said.

An eight-year-old girl who was swept out to sea on a beach in Yilan County on Thursday was still missing as of yesterday afternoon, despite rescue attempts by emergency workers, the center said. The young girl and her mother became the first casualties of the speeding super typhoon Soudelor, speed of 21 kilometers per hour in a west-northwesterly direction and packing maximum sustained winds of 173 kilometers per hour, with gusts reaching 209 kilometers per hour.

The coast guard unit based in Suao Township said it had dispatched rescue vessels at 6am, but had to recall them because of high winds and rough seas. Deployed more than 35,000 military personnel to help relocate residents of vulnerable areas.

As the storm hit the east coast, the Taiwan Railways Administration canceled its Puyuma Express trains running between Taipei and Taitung County, affecting almost 30,000 passengers. Trains along the western coast were not yet affected.

Taipei began closing its river dike gates at 5pm, with authorities towing any remaining vehicles from riverside parking lots. Vehicles had been forbidden from entering the riverside areas throughout the day, with the city opening up “red” and “yellow” painted curbside and school parking lots to accommodate vehicles.

Suspended work and classes for the whole day, while other town and municipalities followed suit after 6pm yesterday.

The typhoon is expected to remain until Saturday afternoon before moving across central Taiwan to Fujian province in mainland China. Image CHINA STRINGER NETWORK/ REUTERS

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