Illuminati: The New World Order Conspiracy, Depopulation Agenda 21

Illuminati: The New World Order Conspiracy, Depopulation Agenda 21

Illuminati: The New World Order Conspiracy, Depopulation Agenda 21— The craft of your own Intelligence will get you a seat to secure your safety for the coming end.

Any time soon any information about ‘The New World Order’ will be enclosed and sealed up by a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda. Think about what you can do to inform your friends, any information you can post and share online, but the group has the power to control the media. Seek the truth, it is all out there and the information is free at the moment. You need to enlighten your own self to be different. You still have time to choose not to go with the majority, for the majority will fall under its power in the coming days.

There are specific individuals working unnoticed out of the limelight in this physical world. The world is being governed and controlled by a few by infusing religion to blind individuals from the truth just to secure personal plans for their own benefits.

The Royal bloodline is at work and unperceived to make sure of the survival of the human species. The Vatican keeps spending billions to keep their lies secured. The selection process has been started, for not everyone can be saved. More than 90 percent of the world’s population will vanish. The rich and the few have already secured a place, so Depopulation Agenda 21 has just started, any time soon will come to its final peak.

We are not heading to human extinction but the human population is too large to consume the world’s resources. Only a few are selected to continue the genetic drift of the human species, the new world government has its plan to start a new civilization to renew the world. Try to have a look at the entire human past. How many lost civilizations and how they might have fallen. Will you be there when that time comes? Be informed and educate yourself. Image courtesy of Beforeitsnews.Com

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