SEA Games 2013 Closing Ceremony Live Video Highlight

SEA Games 2013 Closing Ceremony Live Video Highlight

Updated: South East Asian Games 2013 SEA Games closing ceremony video highlight Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.

  • The 27th edition of South East Asian Games ends today December 22 with its 11 participating countries.

In a Press Conference held on December 14 at the Media Press Center, Myanmar SEA Games authorities announced that a limit of 500 media personnel has been set for the Closing Ceremony of the 27th SEA Games. The announcement, eight days ahead of the Closing Ceremony, seeks to avoid the confusion among the media community witnessed on the day of the Opening Ceremony.

“One-hundred international journalists, 100 international broadcasters and 300 local journalists will be allowed,” clarified U Win Kyi, Head Information Center.

He added that concerns such as how the 300 local journalists will be selected and from which organizations, how Media E card holders will be registered and how the National Olympic Committee will allocate permission for entry to the venue will be answered later in daily news papers. Watch the closing ceremony video highlight live.

The official mascot of the 2013 Southeast Asian Games is a couple of owls which are considered lucky charms in Myanmar tradition. Owl is globally taken as the wisest, calmest and balanced animal. But, in Myanmar it is also taken to be auspicious and believed to bring forth luck and prosperity to the family, for which the owl dolls are kept at their homes as lucky charms.

The Mascot was there, the owl as official mascot of Myanmar SEA Games 2013 has a personality: wise, calm, lucky, loyal, and friendly. The personality of an owl is expected to bring forth co-operation, friendship, and better understanding among the participating countries. The male owl is called Shwe Yoe and female owl is called Ma Moe.

Four performances were presented with the first directly connected the SEA Games to Myanmar tradition, celebrating the sport of chinlone, which is believed to have first appeared in Myanmar in the 5th century. It then followed with the “Elephant Dance” which about paying tribute to the elephants in Myanmar.

The Closing Ceremony then paid homage to the 135 officially recognized ethnic races diversity of the country with the performance of “Everlasting Myanmar”, depicting the rich diversity of the population, and simultaneously the many obstacles on the path to realizing a new, peaceful and prosperous modern state.

Medal winners of every participating countries were then paraded onto the stadium floor to the beat of martial music chants of “Myanmar” ringing through the stadium. Bernama Photo

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