PH Teen, second life after surgery in Sudan

PH Teen, second life after surgery in Sudan

PH Teen, second life after surgery in Sudan- An open heart surgery saves Filipino teenager.

PH Teen, second life after surgery in Sudan
A 17-year-old Filipino, Reynaldo Nilo, son of impoverished farmers , suffers from rheumatic heart disease aimed to save his life through an open heart surgery. He dropped out from school two years ago after developing rheumatic heart disease.

Reynaldo and his family almost lost their hope, however,  they didn’t stop finding ways to save his life.


‘Second life after surgery’ Hope came to Reynaldo, pushing him to continue his battle for life after  his sister Sarah Joy  saw in television, an Oscar-nominated film and an Italian charity  who offers free treatment.

During his childhood, he had a strep throat which later developed into a deadly heart condition due to lack of medicine.

After having conversation with the said charity,with mixed emotions, Reynaldo prepared himself for his first ever plane ride. He arrived in Khartoum safe and sound, with his faith, hoping to extend his life.

Reynaldo feels he is much stronger after the successful life-saving heart operation in Sudan. Surgeons have covered his scar with dressing in where they open his chest.

According to  Agence France-Presse, 25,  a cardiologist “surgery was urgently needed, otherwise the valves would deteriorate and stop to function”.

“I am feeling better, not like before. I feel stronger,” Reynaldo said with a smile on his face.

“It has a simple ethos.” says Medical director Alessandro Salvati — who carried out Reynaldo’s open heart surgery.

According to the surgeon, a 42-year-old from Rome, “We want just to help poor people who maybe they can die because they cannot pay,”he said. Image / Getty

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