Arguments for racial profiling in Arizona

Arguments for racial profiling in Arizona

What is racial profiling and its examples? An arguments for racial profiling base on a case report from Arizona.

According to report, a federal judge ordered U.S. marshals to seek evidence from Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio as part of an ongoing racial profiling case.

Racial profiling definition: The use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed an offense.
U.S. District Judge Murray Snow issued the order at an emergency hearing he convened after a court-appointed monitor reported that the sheriff’s office had failed to turn over information being sought in connection with the case.

Snow required that 1,459 identifications apparently taken from people by sheriff’s deputies during law enforcement actions and which were about to be destroyed be produced for federal marshals.

Federal judge also focused on the agency’s refusal to turn over 50 hard drives from Arpaio’s secret investigation involving the judge. Sheriff Arpaio, did not attend the last-minute afternoon hearing held in U.S. District Court in Phoenix.

According to Sheriff Officer Chris Hegstrom, that it would be inappropriate to comment at this time,truth will come out during the hearing process.

Sheriff Arpaio already acknowledged  that he  committed civil contempt. This September, Arpaio and other current and former employees face civil contempt hearings begin for repeatedly violating court orders relating to the long-standing case.

Arguments for racial profiling continues, punishment may possibly pursued, this includes restitution,fines and increased oversight by the court monitor and they could also be charged criminal contempt.

To prevent such repeats, federal judge also ordered changes to the sheriff’s office and appointed a monitor to oversee operations.

John Masterson, sheriff Arpaio attorney said, an official who is monitoring the sheriff’s office on behalf of Snow had resorted to threatening to have a court hearing called in a bid to get the records turned over.

“I am sorry your feelings are hurt, but we need to resolve this matter,” Snow told Masterson. Both sides,Sheriss Arpaio and his deputies and the civil rights lawsuit by the US Justice department are trying to settle the case.
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